Stamped Concrete Patio DIY vs. Professional Troy Michigan

Stamped Concrete Patio DIY vs. Professional Troy Michigan

Is stamped concrete a do-it-yourself project?
No matter how many projects you may have attempted as a do-it-yourself weekend warrior, stamped concrete is not your typical endeavor. Of course, any professional will tell you it’s a job better left to an experienced contractor. Professional concrete contractors know how difficult and time-sensitive a stamped concrete project can be.

Why is stamped concrete a job for professionals?
Here are a few of the main reasons why stamped concrete can be a challenging project for a do-it-yourselfer:

You only get one chance to get it right. Once the concrete is placed, there’s no starting over unless you plan on ripping it out.

Concrete is unforgiving. If you mess it up, it’s not a quick fix to repair.

It can be expensive in terms of buying stamping materials for one project.

You can’t come back and finish it later. Once the concrete starts to cure, you have to finish or there’s no going back.

Most five-minute tutorials available on the web make stamping look too easy. They typically don’t cover all the things that can go wrong that experienced contractors know to watch out for.

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